And I cut my B a little short...like barely enough to make one loop around the machine head short. Am I in imminent danger of it snapping off and taking out my eyeballs?
probably, but why the hell did you cut it before you strung it?
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Only funny thing in this whole thread.
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theres one way to find out if you will be ok... after u string it pull the strings away from teh guitar over the pickups and bend them like crazy (i normally do this with new strings just to get them stretched out faster) ***AND*** the string isnt going to have enough tension to recoil back and harm you in any way, so ur totally safe.
retard. lol. get the string through and tie a knot on the end, get pliers and make that knot as tight as you physically can. it will work in a similar principal as a locking tuner and so you would probably get away with a quarter of a loop even.
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can i just add that cutting the string before putting it on is pretty.......hmmm....lets just say it places him on the mentally challenged side of the guitar players scale.
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