Stone In The Dark

Id like to see some interess for my music here!
This is my complete album, available for download, MP3 including CD covers if
you want to print out something
If anybody wants, I can upload tabs and/or lyrics.

Here: D O W N L O A D (ZIP file with 13 MP3 audio tracks & cd covers)
OR:Online songs on my UG profile

Im not very good at singing, but I did my best, and on some songs I get some help.
Music is all mine... including most of the guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, etc. most
of which is done on my pc. You can get more info in the ZIP file when you download!

Style: whell, my feeling mixed with some influence by Slash, Santana, Clapton, E.D.Taubenfeld, and many more... I could say there are few ballads and few emotion-like songs, but here is some hard riffs also...few instrumentals. Every song has main solo, licks and lots of cool stuff that you guitarists will appriciate.
So, I hope you'll like it!!!
I was born to make it and I will!
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Here is list of the song from the album:

Wild Horses [2005] Done under great impression by Stones and Slash.
One Way [2006] Sometimes, life is too good. Feel it.
Summer Blues[2007] An old idea. A bit of boogie in this one.
Future With Shiny End (ft. Ivana) [2004] Its not about girl. Its about math exam. My first ballad.
Clarion [2007] While programming in very fast Clarion, you have all the time to be creative.
Stone In The Dark [2006] You’re looking for deeper meaning? OK. Do that. Oh… this is a parody.
Jimmys Gone (ft. Gasho) [2006] Its not The Jimmy. Real name couldn’t be used.
Whats Going On (ft. Ivana) [2006] Big hit from 1993. This cover has some add ons at the end…
Samba Pa Ti [2007] Santana’s masterpiece from 1969.
Welke Dvojcice [2005] PopPunk parody on very popular radio commercial.
Free (by Ivana) [2003] I do only guitar on this one. One of my first live recordings.
Foundring Ship [2004] My first instrumental. Acoustic guitars only.
Bonus Track – Knocking On Heavens Door (Avril Lavigne & E. Taubenfeld) [2004] I do solo guitar on this legendary song.
I was born to make it and I will!
Im a sucker for listening to albums and demos, so I guess I'll give it a listen.

I have to be honest tho: THIS BETTER BE GOOD. Hehehe. I have to wait 35 minutes for this to download !
Hey... Im sorry, maybe whole album is too much at once... Ive finished uploading all of the songs here on ultimate-guitar, on my profile, you can check each one of the songs, or some on you're feeling...
I was born to make it and I will!