What is the difference between overdrive and distortion. I noticed while looking at pedals they weren't the same. just need clarification. Thx
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distortion through standard amps, overdrive through tube amps. or vice versa...i cant recall at the moment
There is no difference, different companies use different words
Distortion is a more harsh tone, with more boost to it. metallica annd bands us distortion....overdrive has a smoother warmer tone, also more naturel sound. like Stevie Ray Vaughan or early punk stuff
distortion is a distorted sound so its fuzzier and heavier than overdrive.overdrive comes from the sound tube amps make when they're cranked too loud and drive to hard and the sound cuts up.
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overdrive pedals clips the signal more 'softly' than a distortion pedal which will just clip the signal very harshly.

the softer clipping of overdrive sounds more natural and smoother, but that's not always what you're looking for.

someone posted a diagram showing this, if I can find it i'll repost it


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Overdrives emulate the sound of an overdriven valve amp. Distortions distort the signal. Just what young_is_god said,
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