hey everyone.

i was thinking of buying an acoustic pickup and converting my acoustic to an electric acoustic. is this as straight foward as it sounds? ie take out rear strap pin, possibly drill out hole, screw in output/preamp thingy, and the attach the pickup to under the bridge inside the guitar?

also, is it nessecary to get a system with a eq? or can i just use the eq on my amp?

any help would be great thanks.
im actually getting that done with my new acoustic that i will be getting, but a professional is doing it, but he's chopping out some serious sidewall, to pack some electronics in there (ie: pickups, tone & volume controls, as well as some pre-amp effects)
cause i dont really want to pay 300 bucks for an electric acoustic when i could spent 60 buks on converting mine...
Quote by uvq
why dont you just get a electro-acoustic to save the hassle.

Not every one has lots of money, so has to go for the cheeper option.
Pretty much as far as I can tell, as far as the drill out part, it's not a probably but a definately, and most of the time you'll have to cut a nice square section out somewhere for the pre controll/battery box to be fitted into.

If you want to save yourself a lot of trouble, you could just buy a soundhole acoutic pickup with an output jack. It would definately be safer and probably less expensive.
Just buy an external acoustic pickup that you can place in and out of the soundhole as needed. There's lots of good ones out there.
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