in thrash i know they turn up highs and lows and cut out mids....but how is the eq set up on death metal? (i know it can vary but whats standard eq that lots of them use)
i use the same setting for everything

but thats just me
Well every amp is really different when it comes to EQ...

But you can scoop the mids if you want to not cut through at all and have no definition...

I generally leave the mids fairly high and back of the bass a tiny bit and roll of the treble to since you're adding gain.
I would never sacrifice my mids for anything. Mids are pretty damn essential for having a decent, full sounding tone. I always have my EQ around something like this, but I also vary it depending on what im playing.

Bass 7-8
Mids 10
Treb 7

Make a frowny face
I have a fair bit of gain, but not too much to muddy the sound up, I have quite a bit of bass but again not too much my mids are ALWAYS up high depending on the amp, It sounds terrible without them *shudders* as for highs, I use to have them up alot, but I've since lowered them cause my dist was far too harsh.

- Paul
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Death = thrash + mids.

Basically, as much distortion and crunch as you can get, with mids at about 6, highs at about 9, and lows around maybe 8. Thrash would be mids at 3, highs at 10, and lows at 8.
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