the final scene before the credits role in the movie: Flight of the Living Dead(Plane Dead)
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anything from a george romero film
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Urban Legends(Bloody Mary) if you have a fear of Spiders.
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The ONLY scene that gives me shivers in the history of scary movies is the last scene in the blair witch project when you see the guy standing in the corner in the basement. Probably scares me because it freaked me out as a child.
i watched "nightwatch" for the first time the other day, and thought it was pretty good.

the scene where nightshift security guard at the morgue goes to check the room with the bodies, and suddenly notices one of the bodies are missing. so he follows the very faint trail of blood up the dark hallway, turns the corner and there the body is leaned up against the wall at the end of the hall..... good stuff.
Well it wasn't creepy but it made you think: The opening in the movie The Descent where the guy is driving behind a truck carrying pipes with his family and something happens that causes them to crash and one of the pipes goes into the dude's head.
I think the intermittent scenes where Cpt. Howdy/Pazuzu appears in "The Exorcist" were pretty creepy. Also the infamous spiderwalk-down-the-stairs scene.

"It" had some scary moments, but I don't remember. The ending was horrible though.

Fun fact: The beginning scene to "It" where the woman is doing her laundry outside was filmed at my friend's house.
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The Scene from Pan's Labyrinth with the weird hand-cyclops dude...sounds lame, but that is one creepy-ass guy. Excellent movie.


This is the scene I'm talking about

Yeah that was pretty freaky. I thought he was gonna get her, but then I figured the movie wouldn't really make sense.

the entire film is FUCKING FREAKY