I just moved into an apartment where I can't turn up my amp too loud. ()
I have a Peavey Valveking Royal 8 5W amp that has a built-in headphone jack. I tried using CD-player headphones with it and the sound quality was crap.

Does anyone know any brands of high quality headphones for a guitar amp?

Or....for the people who play guitar in their apartments and need to play at low volumes, do you have any suggestions? Because I'd really prefer to play with my nice amp.
it will still sound sort of ****, because all youll be hearing is the pre amp. better 'phones wont really do much.
Better headphones help a little, but they have to be a lot better, i.e. fairly expensive. Its never going to sound great as said. Depends on whether a minimal improvement in sound is worth a hundred bucks or so. I have a really good set of phones and I still don't get satisfactory distorted audio (still fizzy), but it helped the cleans a lot more.
I got a set of Behringers that don't sound completely like crap for around $20 at my local music shop.
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I have some mid-range Skull Candy headphones, and they are really good for cds/mp3 players. i think that they would be better than w/e u have there. The high-end ones are almost pro DJ quality, and are maybe $50 or $60. i have ones that were $25.
yeah, you wont get the overdriven power amp sound with headphones so you may as well just be playing straight through the amp with the master volume down really low IMO

EDIT: if you must get headphones, i'd look at beyerdynamic
Apex HP80

fantastic monitoring headphones for about $40 CAD

i use them for recording and mixing, they do a good job.
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Quote by JelloPuppet
i say just turn your amp down a bit, because headphones won't do your amp any justice.

I used to have this amp..If you turn the volume down, it's as muddy as sh**...

I have Roland headphones, they work fine.
Sennheiser 280HD Pros. Awesome headphones, I've had a set for about 4 years, and they lasted thru my fat head friend even breaking some of the plastic. He tried to put them on his fat head over a winter hat, and it broke a piece of the plastic near where it moves to adjust. That was last year, and they still function like new. One of the best sounding phones I've tried for the price, and I went thru quite a few different kinds.
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thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'll probably try to find a reasonable volume level that I can play my amp on. I'd really rather hear it as it is, without headphones.

But I will still check out the headphones that were suggestion. Maybe they can work fine with this amp.