maybe this time the gun will be loaded,
so when you fire those words at me,
you'll actually hit where i care,
i've spent too many nights drowning my thoughts,
just to forget about you,
but tonight you decided to enter my world again,
why can't i break this chain from you,

i wish i could tear out the part of me that cares for you,
the heart that beats just to hear your name,
tonight i can't play another game,
i won't enter this world you've built of shame,
so take your photos, take your clothes,
here's the keys, and there's the door,

money always meant time with you,
your working the bank while i'm ****ing you,
i still can't get enough of you,
tonight i'm gonna forget all about you,

you can paint your picture on every billboard,
make every phone ring the sound of your voice,
and still i'm gonna drown you out,
i can't believe i gave you a second chance,
what a false thing to believe that you could change,
when the only thing you've changed are the clothes on your back,
so carry on, carry on with your ways,
cause with out you i'm better of anyways
nice, I can relate

maybelose the"while in ****ing you" line, that kind of ruins the mood.