I recently bought a Blues Harp in the key of C major. Im also borrowing "complete idiots guide to playing the harmonica" from the library. Its cool and all, but i could use some more helpful tips please. I want to play the shorter "stacato" rythms and other blues type stuff. I'm really very, very new to the harmonica (i cant play anything yet ) so if you could help me out that would be great. Also, harmonica tab sites? anybody know of any good ones? Any good (easy?) songs to learn? Or just fun blues-ish riffs?

to anyone who helps
If you want to jam in/around Mooresville NC message me.
I got my harmonica months ago, still haven't figured anything out about it. I think it's really out of tune though.

Also, clean it often, otherwise you'll start to 'smell' the music.
The Pit. The Movie.
I got one, played it for two minutes, came up with something reminiscent of carny-music and haven't touched it since. Ah, novelty.