So I've been playing guitar for over 2 years now and I still can't solo. I'm pretty confident in all my skills and whatnot, I can even play most of "Epitaph" by Necrophagist. I've just never been able to solo, some people have told me to watch TV and to "Play what the people are saying". Now that just sounds retarded to me and I find it neary impossible. Any tips for someone that just can't solo?
minor pentatonic scale- just play random notes in that scale, in whatever key the song is in, 80% of rock right there
if you don't know any scales- learn some ASAP
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Quote by russiaininvader
listen to blues music and it will come naturally

Listen to this guy.

Thats how I learned to solo. Learned alot of blues and blues technique and style, and before I knew it someone pointed out that what I was playing sounded more like a solo rather than blues. This is back when I was new and progression would pass right in front of me without noticing.
I tried the Minor Pentatonic thing and all I can get is some sorta China/Blues sound that pisses me off. As for music theory I got most of that covered, I'm fairly well versed in the Circle of Fifths and I've learned the Major scale and all the modes of it (Phrygian, Dorian, Lydian, etc.). I've never really liked blues music (No Offense) but if it will help me solo I'm all for it. I'll give that a whirl and get back to you guys. Wish me luck.
I've got a question:

I've got a few scales down, but how do I take the jump from having them be just scales to being solos?
You should be familiar with intervals in the scale. I found that knowing the intervals and thinking about them as I play help more than anything. Lots of times people will do that and play a note thats not in the scale but it still sounds good because its an interval that gives it resolution. It makes you think more about where your going next instead of just playing what notes are in the scale.
Not being a listener of Mr. Berry, where should I start? I recognize "School Days" from AC/DC's "TNT" album...