Carcinogenic compounds?

So.. I was hungry and the rents aren't home and decided to make a cheese steak. Well we're out of skillets and frying pans and such (I was too lazy to clean the oil outta one) and I pull out a baking pan (I've done this a few times before.) But this time it got pretty smoky while I was cooking and it got me thinking.

Is the smoke (possibly from the food or the pan) bad for the health? Cuz I've read a few articles I found on google but wasn't really convinced. Your thoughts?

As of now I'm trying to air out the bottom floor cuz it got pretty cloudy.
thaaaaats not good

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That I definitely need to stay out of the kitchen? haha

It's obvious since when I tried to make breakfast I burnt eggs.

But yeah, one time can't hurt right?