ok so i dont know where this thread should realy go, but im having a problem with my guitar.

i have a left handed ibanez gax70
and recently it makes this buzzing sort of noise when i pluck a string.

i have no clue what it is or how to fix it.

any help would be greatly apreciated
Is it a metallic sounding metal-on-metal buzz? Or is it more like a rattle like something's loose?
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i gotta ibanez lefty too. and mine buzzed sometimes, so i had to adjust the truss rod at the top of the kneck. (the strings rubbed on the frets). actually it still does it, and sounds like **** when i dont have it plugged into an amp, so that might be the prob.
it sounds like somethings rattling

yea it does sound horible and its driving me crazy.

but yea. rattling
I had this problem.
Perhaps fretbuzz is it.
Fret buzz is more metal on metal

It's when the string is plucked hard enough that it rotates in an ellipsis fashion, thus hitting the metal part of the frets. If you look quickly enough with enough eye focus at the right fret while plucking the string, you'll notice the string hitting that fret.

You have to bring the action up or down... or perhaps both/one-or-the-other on both sides depending on the guitar.


Change the action, retune the guitar, if there is still a lot of buzz, change it again.
Make sure you're fretting correctly by touching the string to the wood, not the metal.
Try holding the string as close to the wood as possible.

Also, you'll want to have it pressed close to the bottom part of the next metal fret, but not having your finger pressed on the string to make it press ontop of the top part of the next metal fret.

Regardless, raising your action does often solve the problem.
It makes the buzz go away, but the strings hard to press down.
After getting use to the guitar, you might later think about changing the action by lowering it.

For now, raising the action is somewhat the best bet.
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Action is string height.

Does the buzzing sound happen only when you pluck an open string, only when you fret a note, or does it buzz in both situations?
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i've got the exasct same problem on my gibson sg.
it happened recently, after changing my strings. It played well for about a week then the fretbuzz came.
it only happens on the low e, when it's played open.
i tried rasing the action. it doesnt help.
should i take it to the shop?
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