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Excellent 4.0-3.75
36 35%
Good 3.75-3.0
40 39%
Ok 2.0 to 3.0
21 21%
Not Good 2.0-1.0
3 3%
Terrible less than 1.0
2 2%
Voters: 102.
do you? ive always kind of wondered this

i know i do. i have a 3.5 GPA, and im in all honors and AP classes.
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I get good grades. Mostly B's maybe an A or two and maybe a C. Most musicians I know get better grades then the jocks. I don't think playing guitar has anything to do with school though.
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i had a 3.0 all throughout highschool except last semester(2nd semester of 10th grade) i had straight c's lol. Not in any ap's though. This year so far i've got 2 d-'s so it really depends lol.

Also depends on amount of drug/alcohol use
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i do
im in honors english and math
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i'm in all honors and ap classes and i have a 92-93 average
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Some B's, mostly A's, never received a C, in three AP classes and the rest honors.
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i dont i have like a 0.7 gpa....lmfao pitiful....but i made straight a's this past grading semester!!!so yea...
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Well, I get good grades, but we don't do that GPA up here. So what's a 93% average about? And we don't have honors either, but we have AP. I'm in AP English and Math (Calculus).
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i've got a 3.9 and am taking waaaaaayyyyy too much AP.
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My school's GPA goes up to a 5 point scale. Anyways, how do I figure out my GPA? My average is probably about a C cause I get As in band all the time and all the classes that are Core classes I get like Cs and Ds, but my school's grading scale is also weird like
96-100 is an A
70-78 is a D
69 and below is fail. I forgot the ones in between.
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Well, I get good grades, but we don't do that GPA up here. So what's a 93% average about?

thats like a 3.7ish?

i do rpetty descent myself (this year anyways)

wow UG has smart ppl? in the pit?!?!??!
this is an outrage!
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I do pretty damn good in school. I got a 3.9 gpa for last semester.
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last year i nearly failed practicing a ton i wouldnt do hw and i think im going down the same road again. i cant fail though lol
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I get good grades. Most musicians I know get better grades then the jocks. I don't think playing guitar has anything to do with school though.

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90% average.

95 in english, 91 in phys science, 85 in geometry, and 92 in computer service and maintenance.
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I just got my progress report. All A's except for Global...a B. Progress Reports don't specify +'s or -'s, they just say the letter, but I know I have between a 96 and 100 in Chemistry, Music Theory, and English Honors. I have between a 90 and 96 in math and spanish (or so I assume).

I'm on high honer roll. I was on high honor roll for 4 straight quarters last year, and graduated 4th in my entire grade the year before that.

Oh yes.

EDIT: And just because everyone else said: I'm in honors english, global (coulda been in AP, but I don't like global history, American AP next year!!), chemistry, and math. Regular music theory (first year taking it), and spanish.
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all i do is sit around and play music and get high all the time but i manage to get B's and sometimes A's. i got straight C's in spanish, but im done with that class. it doenst have to do with whether your a musician or not, stupid people get bad grades, smart people get good grades

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When I should be studying and doing homework me and my guitar are gettin it on, the rest is simple.
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I have aspergers, and im in an insanly hard private school. Im in the 1.0 to 3.0 range depending on what class/teacher.
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my grade are pretty good straight A's except for math(usually around a 70-75)

dont know how to figure GPA though
I get straight A`s. I`m also very outspoken about how our local education system has failed, and school is a waste of time. I only get along with a handful of my teachers. It`s kind of a double standard, but then if you think about, me and my friends are all the long haired/musician type, and we acidemically outrank all the preps in the school. Math Challenge ftw!

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I don't think being a guitarist has anything to do with your grades. However, I think that a certain type of thinking pattern could lead in individual to both getting good grades as well as an affinity for creating music.
I wish I could say the same. I've failed a grade, and my GPA's around a 2.3 or so. Most people probably assume alcohol and drugs, but that's just not the case for me =/
i got a 4.8 but thats not incredibly great, when comparing me to others here.
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I've been identified as a 'gifted mind' because I'm a freaking genius and well ahead of everything on my age level (apparently).

We got our progress reports last week, and for me, (grade 9, in all Academic classes) I got A+'s in everything (English, math, French, computers) except science (just an A). I must say, I am insanely good at English. I got 100% on a short fairy tale we had to write, and I didn't really try that hard. The teacher said I could teach the class if I wanted
I got a 3.5 my senior year, but thats only because of physics, i was kinda mediocre in my other classes. Sophomore and junior year i was terrible. I didnt study more or anything, i just enjoyed the optional classes as opposed to required ones.
i think being musically inclined helped out my grades alot, kept me focused and out of trouble (sometimes lol). but any activity really that takes concentration and focus can make you a better student (imho) such as ; martial arts, music, sports, and painting/drawing/sculpting are a few that come to mind
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I get okay grades. I have about a 3.1 I think. I'm a naturally smart guy, but I'd probably do better if I actually payed attention and studied.
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Did better in high school than i'm doing now in college. My GPA in high school was 3.45 and i aced AP Calculus and thus placed out of math in college....BUT i'm lazy and giving me more opportunities to slack and get sidetracked has resulted in my freshman GPA being 2.5... Oh well, I'm trying to change my ways. anyway you look at it though, it's got nothing to do with the fact that I'm a guitarist. But the fact that I'm such an avid guitarist has made me a music major
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i'm getting a 2 1in my first year but i'm not sure how GPA works for uni grades in merry olde britain.