I just saw these guys last night with I Adapt (headlining), Anti-Waistoids, Hostag Calm, Cut It Out, and Manipulator. It was in the basement of some ghetto townhouse in Baltimore, ha.

Really aggressive, in your face, chill, Philly hardcore. They have a girl in the band, she is extremely cute and pretty good at guitar, if i do say so myself. They put on a hell of a show and their stuff is really good. It's pretty much like most any other hardcore band, but i dunno, i really like them for some reason. They also have a shirt/song called Tits Rule (thats always good). They also did a REALLY good cover of Hybrid Moments.

This is really good, the pictures probably don't do that girl justice because I didn't think she was that hot. But I guess that's beside the point, the 'tits rule' t-shirt is something I want in my wardrobe haha. It's pretty suprising I really like this, seeing as of late I was growing weary of this type of hardcore.
rites of nothing.
Yeah i don't have one of these space things so i couldnt look at the pictures but she was extremely good looking in person. But their best songs are definitely

"Tits Rule"
"Invisible Man"

they are all off of the 2k7 demo, which is free on their gayspace, so download it!