yeah, so this is my first song up on these boards....feel free to tear it apart.
its thrash metal in the vein of Sodom or Kreator, a bit heavier than say metallica.

any advice or criticism would be great
look at this while i listen to this.

Ok, first riff; kinda cliche but acceptable, second riff, much better, 3rd riff is a bit wierd and i would maybe stick in the direction of the second riff to be honest, the groovyness is good. the chorus is a bit weird as well. overall, alot of it was cliche thrash metal. The thing with thrash is that as soon as you try to write good thrash it starts to suck. the only riff i liked started at bar 17 and ended at bar 29 and it was more groove metal(especially if you would have tuned down). Every person who tries to write thrash tends to fail to make it new and original. Its almost as if every possibility has been exploited. My advice is to go in the direction of your 2nd riff; the groovyness, while some elements of thrash metal are there (think of Pantera for example). get a better thrash riff at the beggining going, maybe use some odd time sigs, and go into that groovy part and make it feel like you are slowing down, but you still have the heaviness or better yet make it heavier. slow riffs tend to be much darker than fast ones. think of alot of doom metal bands like, black sabbath or pentacross.
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