Ok.. I have a Mexican strat with a whammy. The problem is I physically cannot push the bar down all the way to create a divebomb effect or anything near that. It works fine if I position it parallel to the string and pointing away from the bridge, ie I can make the pitch as I high as I want until it breaks, but then if I use it pointing towards the nut, I can barely lower the pitch one step. What am I doing wrong?
Scratch everything I just said.

Fender bridges aren't meant to be able to go up in pitch with the whammy. You need to tighten the springs in the back.
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Standard trems aren't meant for serious divebombing, if you want to do that get a Floyd.
Also, most people do like to set their trems so that they can go up in pitch as well, but usually only about a half step.
Can you put a Floyd on a Strat, and how much would that cost? I probably won't do it, as I don't really use the whammy bar except for some songs by SRV and also to do cool effects such as divebombing or Dime squeals (or at least mini Dime squeals), but can you still tell me?
You can, but it would take a lot of routing, both to the body and the headstock (for the locking nut). In the end, you're talking $200 for a good Floyd, and then probably that much again to have someone rout your guitar. It's totally not worth it, imo.