I was thinking of building my own Fender Jazzmaster. I want to make one with two humbuckers instead of p-90s. I want to put a 3 way toggle up on the upper cutaway and have a master tone and two volumes for each pickup. However my biggest question is if the floating tremolo system on the Jazzmasters can take some pulling and diving. I would put locking tuners on the guitar so it didn't run out of tune. I have never played a Jazzmaster, but I like how they look, so I dont know if the tremolo system can take the abuse. I was either gonna build this or buy a PRS SE Custom. If the Jazzmaster can take the abuse I'll build one, so can it take the abuse of pulling on it or is it like a bigsby in that u only use it to add some vibrato?
i say make it.
the trem is like a bigsby more than a floyd, you can abuse it, but to a certain extent
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