This guitar is in very good condition, was purchased by myself new, a little over a year ago for $1.1k. Its basically a standard American Stratocaster, as far as i know the only differences are the 50th anniversary neck plate and the pickups are wound slightly differently. It plays beautifully and ive never had any problems with it of any kind, but im getting into more heavy stuff so it doesnt suit me so well anymore.

itll probably be worth a bundle in another 50 years, if you keep it that long

Basically im asking 600$ US plus shipping with the molded hard case it came in. Only US shipping please, and im in upstate NY if you want to come pick it up. Things i would trade for would basically be lower wattage tube amp combos or heads, hopefully with some good high gain... also ill be willing to make up some cash difference if you want to trade something you think is worth more.








The pics dont show how deep the blue finish really is, and the red circle is the ONLY noticable scratch, and its hardly there at that. I would restring it or send a pack of new strings along.

my email is nthirschl@gmail.com if you want to contact me that way...
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