Hey guys,

So, a few weeks ago I was using an online chord calculator that I probably found through a link on UG. Now I can't find it any more: I've tried checking old threads and searching Google, but haven't come up with what I'm looking for.

It seems like most online chord calculators will give you the fingering for a specific chord after you ask for that chord (i.e. "hmm, I wonder how to play a Dm?"...and it shows you the chord fingering).

The chord calculator I'm looking for is one where you can enter the fingering, and then it tells you what chord you're playing (i.e. "wow, that's a pretty cool-sounding chord! I wonder what it's called?").

Please, any suggestions for one of these "reverse" chord calculators will be very welcome.


It's probably www.jguitar.com.
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Damn, that was fast!

Thanks, Raziel & Zida. Both of those are exactly what I was looking for.