This evolved from a peom I had to write for English class and was inspired by a pair of quotes from Bill Hicks and John Lennon. It's really just about life and death.

It's Just Been a Ride

You may have been thrown out
But it's just been a ride
So you go to the next car
And you get on inside
We are all but passengers
On our way through town
The road may be bumpy
And at times we all break down

The driver looks all stony
And is lacking a face
And he will stay with you
'til you switch off at a place
The car will seem lovely
When your journey begins
But the seats will grow hard
And the paint will grow thin

Lose concern over destination, for you know
That it's just been a ride
Forget your thoughts of suffocation now, friend
You're not really stuck inside

It's just been a ride
With much time to pass
You detour and slow down
And run out of gas
The wheels keep turning
The scenes always change
The radio blares out lound
But the song remains the same
(note the Zeppelin nod)

(edit, I forgot a verse)Verse:

Your journey will end
As all have or will
And there you will sit
All quiet and still
As as you enter your next tomb
Of metal and glass
You'll forget all the rides
That you rode in the past


(and I'll insert the mandatory guitar solo here)

(and just do the chorus again)
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