Anybody pick this up yet? I'm going to go to B&N tomorrow and buy it, and I saw Colbert promoting it on Larry King. Anybody have opinions about it?
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if its at least half as good as America: The Book, i think i'll enjoy it. i ordered it from amazon a few days ago, so i should have it soon.
Best book ever. Seriously, I've never laughed while reading a book until now
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Realizing that it takes more than thirty minutes a night to fix everything that's destroying America, Colbert bravely takes on the forces aligned to destroy our country—whether they be terrorists, environmentalists, or Kashi brand breakfast cereals. His various targets include nature (I've never trusted the sea. What's it hiding under there?), the Hollywood Blacklist (I would have named enough names to fill the Moscow phone book), and atheists (Imagine going through life completely duped into thinking that there's no invisible, omniscient higher power guiding every action on Earth. It's just so arbitrary!). Colbert also provides helpful illustrations and charts (Things That Are Trying to Turn Me Gay), a complete transcript of his infamous speech at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner, and a special Holiday DVD, all of which add up to a book that is sure to be a bestseller and match the success of Colbert's former Daily Show boss Jon Stewart's America (The Book). (Oct.)
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The book is better than the show IMO, it's hilarious. I haven't read America: the Book yet, although I like Stewart better than Colbert.

I love the back of it:

"A great read!
I laughed, I cried,
I lost 15 pounds!
I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

-Stephen Colbert"
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I thought it was a fake book. I can never tell when Stephen is joking damnit!
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I thought it was a fake book. I can never tell when Stephen is joking damnit!

Same here.
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I started reading it at the bookstore, but I bought "Brave New World" instead.
Ironically, I was working at the bookstore the night it came out so I wasn't able to watch the show that night. What did he say about the book?