A Marshall DSL401! On the eBay. For 370 US plus 60 shipping.

Personally Marshall's are the holy grail of tone for me. Once I obtain an MXR Distortion+ I'll have the Blue Oyster Cult sound down that I so seek from their first three albums as well.

Not sure what kind of tubes are in it and it doesn't come with a footswitch. I do know however that it is a post-2003 model so the heat issues are resolved. I am also 70 bucks under budget for it. What should I buy with the extra money, besides a footswitch? An equalizer, wah, etc.?

Any thoughts?

Sorry for the general incoherency, but making the jump from a 10W $40 solid state with a Korg effects pedal to a Marshall tube combo is incredible for me. Playing a Steinberger Spirit GU Deluxe through it, BTW.
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I thought this thread was going to be "I won.......the game"

I spend too much time on the net.

Congrats though!