Ok, so basically, I'm in a rut. 2 part question:

I'm getting overwhlemed by what I need to do. Instead of listing all the things I can do, I was thinking someone might be able to reccomend things that are absolutely imperitive to improvement as both a guitar player and musician.

I know major and minor pentatonic, the movable version. What are some important scales I should know or would hlep with my song writing/improv. What is more important, knowing many different scales, or knowing all the forms of specific scales? What are more important, learning scales or chords?

I know I'm scting like a noob, but I'm self taught and want to make sure I'm not missing anything drastic that would hinder me.

THanks in advance.
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To answer your first question:

1) Learn more theory
2) Expand your taste in music and become influenced by a variety of different styles.
3) Experiment
4) Practice

And for your second question:

1) Learn the modes of the major scale
2) Check out harmonic and melodic minor
3) Scales and chords are both equally important. Learn how they relate to each other.
Scales are not meant to be learnt as patterns or box shapes. Think of scales as the intervals they're made out of. Otherwise you'll stuck in a rut forever, falling back into your box shapes. Learn your major scale (not the pentatonic one) because all other scales are built out of it.
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