alexalb2004: hey sexy mama asl?
Isabelle Thompson: 16/f/ny
alexalb2004: mmm ur young where in ny
Isabelle Thompson: upstate
alexalb2004: koool where upstate
Isabelle Thompson: close to blo
Isabelle Thompson: (buffalo)
alexalb2004: o kool
alexalb2004: got ne pix or a cam
Isabelle Thompson: yeah
alexalb2004: can i see please
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alexalb2004: wow u are dope
alexalb2004: got a bf?
Isabelle Thompson: no
Isabelle Thompson: i like older men
alexalb2004: im 23
alexalb2004: too old?
Isabelle Thompson:
Isabelle Thompson: just right
alexalb2004: o nice
alexalb2004: what r u into sexually?
Isabelle Thompson: you like younger women
Isabelle Thompson: ?
alexalb2004: love em
Isabelle Thompson: haha
Isabelle Thompson: my age?
alexalb2004: ur the best
Isabelle Thompson: aww thanks
alexalb2004: legally your too young i dont wanna get into trouble r u sure we can talk
Isabelle Thompson: i wont tell if you wont?
alexalb2004: hmmm ok
alexalb2004: my name is alex whats urs
Isabelle Thompson: isabelle lol
Isabelle Thompson: thompson isnt my last name but i dont give that out
Isabelle Thompson: unless i get to know someone
Isabelle Thompson: thats my code name
alexalb2004: o no doubt smart... hehe
Isabelle Thompson: deff.
alexalb2004: ne other pix
Isabelle Thompson: you have a webcam or no?
Isabelle Thompson: not right now
alexalb2004: yea i do wanna see somthin hard
Isabelle Thompson: huh?
alexalb2004: yea i got one what do u wanna see
Isabelle Thompson: you lol
Isabelle Thompson: i want to see you to make sure your as old as you say
alexalb2004: o ok
Isabelle Thompson: let me see
alexalb2004: just shaved so sont hold that agianst me
Isabelle Thompson: that's ok
Isabelle Thompson: so where do you live?
alexalb2004: ...long island
Isabelle Thompson: oh.
alexalb2004: have a house upstate thp
alexalb2004: i kno sux
Isabelle Thompson: oh where at?
alexalb2004: ur worth the trip
alexalb2004: neer saratoga
Isabelle Thompson:
Isabelle Thompson: you're so nice
alexalb2004: ty hun
Isabelle Thompson: so what do you like in sex?
alexalb2004: ur very sweet too
alexalb2004: well what about u i love it all baby
alexalb2004: oral anal doggy style
alexalb2004: i would love to go down on u mmm bet ur so sweet
Isabelle Thompson: im a virgin
Isabelle Thompson: oops
alexalb2004: o wow
Isabelle Thompson: wrong smiley lol
alexalb2004: hehe
Isabelle Thompson: but you could be my first
Isabelle Thompson: if you want
alexalb2004: i would love to baby
alexalb2004: got ne more pix for me baby
Isabelle Thompson: not right now
alexalb2004: sux
alexalb2004: wanna see ne thing else
Isabelle Thompson: like what?
alexalb2004: my co.ck?
alexalb2004: im so hard
Isabelle Thompson: sure
alexalb2004: can u talk dirty to me get me hard?
alexalb2004: ready 4 it baby
Isabelle Thompson: ummmm
alexalb2004: u like it
Isabelle Thompson: yeah
Isabelle Thompson: but...i want ot tell you something
alexalb2004: k
Isabelle Thompson: I'm a 17 year old male you sick fu.cking pedophile. You disgust me.
Isabelle Thompson: Yeah that's what I thought you sick ****er.
alexalb2004: ur the sick one
alexalb2004: with a name like that and pix
Isabelle Thompson: hahah 16 years old!?
alexalb2004: lying to me
Isabelle Thompson: you're disgusting
Isabelle Thompson: you just showed your c.o.ck to a "16 year old girl"
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But yeah, do some moshing at a fall out boy concert, it's fricken awsome.
Your the one looking for penis pics.........
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Lol. I like how he acts as if he did nothing wrong. The first was better.
pfft, i have friends that have boyfriends in college about that age. it's only strange if you actually do look at the age disparity.
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Btw, I don't spell it doughnut, because that spells duff-nut.
Jeez i could have given you a few websites if you wanted to see a penis that bad.
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Your the one looking for penis pics.........

Yeah exactly.

The people who hunt down these kind of conversations are infinitely more perverted than the ones who talk back to them.

I mean what kind of straight dude would try to strike up horny conversation with another dude?

A ****ing creep, that's who.
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^ He be right

U shuda said that whole sexual secret thing and then BAM!!! goatse
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Either way, I don't think bananas should be placed in such proximity to an ass

I disagree. Bananas and ass are like peaches and cream.
He may be a pedophile, but you're the one pretending to be a 16 year old girl and talking to old guys about sex. He isn't the only weird one.
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.. lol wut?!


this is wrong on so many levels.. like.. why are you luring guys to show you their penis' so you can say 'lol you showed me your penis and i'm a boy and I loveddddd it'.
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What is this "Death Rock" you speak of?

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I will poop on your soul if you ever have the audacity to type those words towards me again.

Don't think I won't.
I was just bored an wanted to f.uck with some pedophiles...I wasn't hunting for penis pics lol....I forgot about the goatse...that would have been hilarious
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But yeah, do some moshing at a fall out boy concert, it's fricken awsome.
And it's not like I was actually checking his wang out. I had the webcam window minimized the whole time. I don't like to check out penises, as I am not gay or bi.
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But yeah, do some moshing at a fall out boy concert, it's fricken awsome.
The other one was better because he kept it going for a long time, got the guy to jack off and stuff...and he got a funny picture from him

"Im naked right now....for reals"

Yours was kind of short and all you did was get pictures of dick
No I had him on webcam...I should have saved that or something and put that on here.
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But yeah, do some moshing at a fall out boy concert, it's fricken awsome.
You should tell him youre a chick and then send him a picture of a dick.
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Do you know my NUMBER?
You should have told him you were a cop so he'd scrap his computer and move.
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Lol. I like how he acts as if he did nothing wrong. The first was better.

"You're a paedophile, you sick mother ****er!"