Go to www.myspace.com/daltonmusicxcore and listen to my song "Cute"

I'd love to hear what you think

And, if it's up by the time you get there, check out "HaaadCooaaa"
Tell me where you think it should go from there, as it's unfinished.

This is just me, free time, and FL Studio.
I like it, it really does sound like a spy movie. maybe add some higher faster strings at some parts? Good Job
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Oh yeah, and if guitar hero got you into the guitar? you're really playing for the wrong reasons.

there is no wrong reason to play a guitar, except for world enslavement and extermination of certain races, but those guys never make it big anyway.
Hmm. I never once thought Spy Movie while I was writing it.
That's really interesting you guys thought it.
Maybe it's just because my influences were so varied writing it, and none of them were at all related to Spies or the sort.