Hello, this is a really newbie question regarding a Reason Refill called Akai ClearMountain Drums.

I didn't know how to use it so I ran a Google search with no results...the Akai site has no info on the ReFill, there's thousands of pages claiming it's a great ReFill but noone explains how to use it, no videos on YouTube...

So I played around inside Reason and finally found a way to use the samples, loading each separate sample into the ten Redrum spots. No other Reason device seemed to have a way to load the entire kit.

The last thing I did was searching here, also with no results.

Does someone know how is the proper way to use this ReFill? Because if the way I discovered is the only way possible...Imma trash it tomorrow even if it has the greatest samples available...
some refills hold patches but they all have samples.

the way you use those samples is just as you described.
if you can't find any patches you can easily just load 10 sounds you like
and save that as your own patch.
Thanks for the clues, I will look into it a bit more, I've read this ReFill is just a load of great drum samples...that would make sense if what you say is true. Thanks again.