Hey guys, I know almost all of Iron man, like most people do. Thats obviously not whats giving me the trouble, I just cant seem to do the first 2 seconds of the solo, if i skip it. I do fine, any advice? I'm really kicking myself here.
lol what he means is UG is meant to help people with songs by providing tabs...if your looking for help look to the tabs.
I have looked at the tabs, it just seems like they all say something different. Just wondering if anyone knows maybe the actual way it was played or something I might find helpful. But I guess I'll have to go buy the book.
Come on man!It's pretty easy.If you use power tab here is some good versions.I have nothin' more to explain for you.
Get a Power Tab version and slow the tempo until you get it, then increase until you get it perfect.
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The first 2 seconds??
Thats the easy part, at least for me.
BTW are you counting the time [ie. metronome]??
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