I went to the guitar store today and was looking at strings and noticed that a pack of bass strings are $100-$140. WTF is this???? Is this some kind of ripoff? Or what? I'm assuming it is a $120 or nothing kind of thing where people either can pay the price or not play at all? Is this usual for bass stuff?
This should be in the bass forum.
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I assume these strings are made of gold?
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most expensive I've seen are around $50-$60.
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i'd SO pay $120 for that.
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they're UPRIGHT bass strings, the kind you play with a bow, not the bass guittar.
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they're UPRIGHT bass strings, the kind you play with a bow, not the bass guittar.

Oh lol I see I just read "bass strings" on the pack and thought it was bass guitar.
As far as I know there are long lasting bass strings that cost a ****load... its either you were looking at them or upright bass strings.

They should usually cost 50-60 dollars in australia.. Which is bad, but I don't change them often.
You don't really change them that often. So..Yeah.
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