i have an esp ltd viper that came with emg HZ's i just bought an EMG 81 to throw in there but i'm having some trouble. the diagrams given by emg don't really give me a good idea on what to do. is there any place where i can get a diagram or if someone give me an idea on how to put this together.
theyre fine, dont be such a lil pussy bitch.... wow that was bad, im really sorry about that. anyways, there are active pup diagrams in my sig but for duncans, if that helps? do you need a cookie too?
You wont be able to mix HZs and an 81. The HZs are passive and use different controls than the active 81. So you will either need another active pickup or not put the 81 in. The passives use 250k or 500k control pots and .022 or .047 capacitors. The actives use 25k pots and a .1 capacitor. I dont know of any way to mix the 2. And the outputs would be wildly different. The diagrams that come with an EMG is as detailed as your going to get.
right on i was thinking for some reason they wouldn't work together. thanks.