so im gonna get one of these sometime soon, and as anyone who has ever owned an ibanez or played one, the stock pickups aren't too great what Ibanez stocks in them.

so im wondering, what pup set should i get for it?

the actives i were looking at were:

Seymour Duncan Blackouts
EMG 81/60

both in set.

Seymour Ducan JB/59'
DiMarzio X2N/Tone Zone

as bridge/neck

i don't know how installing actives works, so im shooting more towards passives, and
i only know that the rep of these passive pups are great, so thats why im considering them....besides...ive heard the SD's through Will Adler's sig and probably other guitarists guitars.

so yeah....help meh with some pupage selectionage
Depends entirely on what sort of music you want to play, what your amp is, etc etc...
well, wouldn't you be able to guess these things by what is in my sig under MY RIG lol
i play every style of metal, hardcore, punk, rock, etc.
i play alot of everything, but mostly things that require badass distortion
i can install passive pups on my own, but i dont know how actives work
if its not req. badass distortion, then my clean channel and soon to be acoustic pedal can cover that

im just wondering what is usually considered better, and would the DiMarzio's being white, look fugly on the guitar since it's a black finish
Weren't you the guy that got an Alexi-600SE and a new amp just about a month ago or somethin.
If I were you, I'd just wait and once you got it, play the thing and then start thinking about new pups íf you need them. As for your question, EMG's always do good which is well known. It's about personal preference in the end...
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