There's a new blues/rock guitarist hitting the scene whom I do believe would be of interest to many who are fans of hard rockin' blues such as Joe Bonamassa, Chris Duarte, SRV etc. . His name is Ryan McGarvey, and this guy is an excellent guitarist, who happens to write some extremely good songs as well.

"Look for this young lion in the future because he's looking for his own sound and what I've heard so far I like it"-Chris Duarte

"Ryan's playing has the passion and exuberance of youth, but it's further lifted by a deep dedication to his craft. His technique is awe-inspiring, but it's the dawning subtleties and emotional range that hints of the greatest possibilities"-Ian Moore

You can check out three full tracks from the brand new release 'Forward In Reverse' at this location. Definitely recommended for those who dig great guitar work in the bluesy rock vein :


Live video, Longer excerpt from "Red House"


Remember the name, The Ryan McGarvey Band. You'll be hearing a lot more soon, I'm sure!
I liked "Watch Yourself", but the other two tracks on the myspace were a bit bland I thought. I felt that the intro riff on Watch Yourself should have been the main theme for the song, otherwise the playing was pretty cool.
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Since I posted this, originally, things have been picking up for this talented young guitarist. Guitar Player Magazine online tapped McGarvey as one of the hottest guitarists they saw at SXSW 2008 :


And last weekend he opened up for UK Blues Rockers Back Door Slam, and it was a draw I'd say who was better. Not too shabby against a band who currently has the #5 Billboard Blues Album with "Roll Away".

Here's a video from that show, "Mystic Dream" from the debut album 'Forward In Reverse' :




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