I've practiced this song Basket Case by Green day now.
I learnd it from this video and i don't know, but are you supposed to go like just go fast and like add a high picksound in every end of powerchord you set. Or just go on and play and do it like you want or witch is best for you ? Cause i don't get the same sound as him, well mabye bacause his AMP and Guitar is kickass compared to mine but anyway, please tell me how to strum or how i should do ?

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Lordy lou, are you going to get flamed...
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guitar and bass basics
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lol.. he doesn't palm mute the end of the chords it's a clean hit :| best to delete this thead
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in answer to your question. . .it sounds the way it does because or the way he mutes the strings the majority of the time but unmutes to give this rhythmic stabbing effect.

If you count it, I think the chord stabs occur on the 2 beat, the 'and' of 3 and the 'and' of 4.

Good luck, guitar and bass basics forum next time.
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I'm sorry, i shall leave now. And think about what i did and practice =(