These lyrics are to a song i already have recorded. you can hear it in my profile

The Girl wandered 'bout
lost and confused
no light to guide her

Taken in with weakness,
webbed with unknown
tied, bound and gagged by uncertainty

I wanted to hold your hand
when you were drowning in shadows
some things just can't be real
someday you'll see with your eyes.

"but i need you now!"
no one heard her then,
and whats to say
anyone's going to hear her now?

sympathy never plays a part
she needs something true
hands that will hold her
and bring her from darkness

But in a world of lies
what will become her?

choices run thin and no can wait.


Out of sight and out of reach
she slowly slips away
shut out from the world thats out to get her
safe and sound beyond me as she
begins to sleep'
failing to waken when we come to save her

Drowning in shadows.
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.
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I liked this actually, usually I need a bit of structured rhyme in songs, but this worked as a good narrative and the images were really evocative of loss and misery
hm, didn't quite try to put out an image of loss or misery on my own part.. the tune is pretty much for anyone who's ever (guy or girl) gone thru a hard time in their life. (Jesus christ! what the hell do i do now!?!)

its a little melodramatic with a bad ending, but for this particular piece, i felt a good ending would have been too cliche and cheesy :P
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.