They're very nice for what you pay for them. Nice open top end and a nice clear midrange. They do really well as drum overheads because they don't ahve a very strong bottom end presence so they brighten symbals up nicely. Also they're pretty sturdy which is always nice. As far as vocals and acoustic guitar goes: they're good for vocals again thanks to the crisp top end and tight midrange and they pick up the 'air' of a voice pretty damn well which is always nice, not great for a big booming baritone or bass vocal but for almost any modern rock/pop/metal etc. vocal they'll do nicely. On acoustic guitar they will giv you a nice sound but they do come out a bit thin sounding if the song is just guitar and vocals due to the slightly weak bottom end, whilst that can be helped with good mic placement and a little EQ it's never gonna deliver a big, booming acoustic sound. But it can give you a nice percussive acoustic tone with lots of string noise and clear top end if there's a dense mix to cut through.

So that's my experience with them. A great buy if you can get them cheap and even retail price ain't bad. They're obviously no Neumann or Rode but they are good.

Another brand worth looking into for you though would be Studio Projects. Their studio condensers like the C1, C2, T3 etc are the ultimate bang for your buck mics. They can cost a bit more than the shure but they are worth every cent. I've got a T3 valve condenser which I payed 500 AUD for (about 1500 AUD retail) and it's one of the nicest mics I've ever heard.