I'm trying out for a band this weekend, and I have been asked to learn 3 songs. What is the most efficient way of practicing and learning new songs in a short space of time. Obviously practice, but specifically, how to practice the songs (learn a song each day, learn separate parts etc.)?
I helps to know the songs you're trying to play back to front. Listen to them over and over, before you even pick up a guitar. If it gets stuck in your head, thats a good sign. From there you should try and play along with it until you're reasonably competent. If you have problem areas in the song, like guitar solos etc, its best to practice them more intensively and specifically.
Hope that helps.
I would mix it up. One day learn verses, next day learn all the choruses, etc.
I would play through the parts a few times, then once you've got the basic hang of it try playing with the actual track so you can learn the song structures and check your timing etc
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Paper wings by Rise Against, Not Now by Blink 182 and Penguins and Polar Bears by Millencolin specifically. Nothing that difficult but still.