Can anyone give me some advice?

I'm thinking of selling my 1982 Marshall JCM 800 Head. It has vertical inputs which are very desirable. The tubes are about half a year old and barely used and it is in very good condition, complete with dust protector.

How much do you think I'd be able to get for it?
Also should I ebay it or should I advertise it privately if I want to get the most for it?

Any advice much appreciated.
Cheers, Rob.
Ah man, that is one hell of a good amp! If its a 1982 and as good condition as you say, you might be able to get £750, if you are lucky maybe a bit more, honestly though unless you need the cash I wouldnt seel it, its such a good amp!
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may i ask, why are you going to sell it? and id advertise privately, things go for alot less than they should on ebay.
I'm selling it mainly because I need the money!
Also it's not really a style of amp that I need any more- a bit too hard rock. I have a combo which I use live because i prefer its sound and its far more transportable, plus if I need more volume than the PA can give I've got a 4x12 cab.
Hope that answers your questions and thanks for the advice
if you want the most money, privately is best. Consignment at some place is another alternative.
Oh man i'd kill for an 80's JCM800
Definitely go private!
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I'd get it if I had the money... but I haven't, so go private, yeah :P
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