Hey all,

I've been shopping around for a bass, and a friend of mine highly recommended the somewhat cheaper series of Spector (the Legend series). They sell for about 300 E 2nd hand, and he said you cant get a better bass for that price. I have 2 problems with it however:

1. it has EMG-Hz's, and if there anything like the Hz's on a guitar, THEY SUCK.
2. and this is why im asking if you have any experience with it, is that I cant seem to find one in a shop nearby so I wont be able to play one unless I contact someone who's selling it, then travel all the way (There usually a bit far from where I live), and then test it <.<

Any input would be appreciated.
don't know to much about the legends, but i can tell you a few things, for one spectors are generally awesome basses, number two EMG-Hz's on a bass are amazing, extremely punchy, they sound great in my experience, and i've only heard good about them, so i would say try to find some place that has one, if not don't buy it until you've tried it, so hold out until you can find one
Hey, I have a spector Legend Custom 5, and I love the hell out of it. Now of course, i got mine for 550, but out of the factory, its 1100 so I'm sure that the price difference is a bit, but I love my spector. Hell, I played it for like 20 minutes one day at a shop, and loved it because of the quick neck and the pickups have a great tone to em. 3 weeks later, my parents got it for me for Christmas. Best christmas gift EVER. The electronics are great, tone is fairly clear, and has a good battery life for active pups. I love it.
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