Hey guys this is one of my first songs so don’t be too harsh. Its not finished and it doesn’t even have an intro:

These feeling are back
Everytime I hear your voice or see your face
They’ll attack
When my back is turned im outa pace
I get Distracted
Cause what my sense were are now remains
I cant react
And Im sick of playin all these games

My Minds been blown into fragments
My souls been wrecked beyond belief
I know you didn’t think it mattered
Now you’ll never know what was underneath

This Transparent destruction
can only be seen through our eyes
And as the fires burn and our memories fade
you know what you’ve been doing all this time

How could you generate these lies?
How could you Ignore my cries?
You never even said goodbye
You just left me here to die, inside

That’s it so far. Take note that this is a heavy rock/border metal song. And any tips or concepts for further parts of the song would also be appreciated.


P.S I'm off to a good start I've just posted my second song and then had it closed. Guess I should've read the rules first
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