C4C please....

What you want

What you want is not what I want

You take what you see and leave nothing behind
To not see this you'd have to be blind
Our homes are stripped of the hope and light
As the day fades, from dusk into night

We hate you, and all that's yours
Your life, your money, behind closed doors
But ours are wide open to the scum that you send
And its on their protection that you really depend

If the Pigs weren't there you'd be long gone
You hold them close and trusting no one.
Justice is gone and the streets are dead
But still they come, your hunger unfed

For the pieces of lives you never knew
Their valuables stolen and their souls too
This can't go on, and you know it
Won't be too long before...****!

(tempo change, fast, urgent)

They're here for me now and I cant do jack
You heard my words and you cover your back
By Killing the speakers and the music of youth
As their words fill the air with the unheard truth
I like this piece a lot.....you seem to have a similar style of writing to me....I like the schemes in the verses a lot....and the tempo change at the end shows the emotion at the end...well done........would be very grateful if you would crit my latest- Don't Tell Me........cheers,



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