Hey everyone,

Well i picked up an Austin Rocktron Overdrive pedal from the pawn shop and gave it a good 15 20 minute play thought, no problems with it.

Now i'm at home playing, and about 30 minutes into playing it starts getting fuzzy, Then the guitar sound fades and i here a wishy washy sound( its not a cracking or popping).

I went though the basics, changed the battery, it started working again but there was about 30 minutes of down time before a rechecked it. Well another 30 mins or so it happens again. I checked the chords and the amp seperatly and they are fine.

So do any of y'all think its just the battery i put in is bad or is there something else?
Try using a power supply, that'd probably fix your problem. Batteries are no-nos when it comes to most pedals.
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the semiconductor material inside some of the components could have become weak due to over-use, the components work best at a certain temperature but if the material has become weak inside it will affect the sound after a while. you might have to buy a new pedal