I know that this is a guitar gear and accessories forum, but I really don't know of anywhere else to put this, so if a mod wants to move it to the right place please do so.

Well anyway, my band is just starting to play gigs at my college and we need a decent PA system for the singer. I really don't think he can put out more than $700 or so. The parties we play are regular old frat parties so probably 100-300 people. Most of the time we play in basements or large rooms, but sometimes we will have to play outside on a deck. Do you guys know of any PA systems (I need the whole deal here, mics, amps , cords etc) that would get the job done in my price range?

Thanks in advance

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You dont really get "PA Deals" with all the equipment thrown in to be honest.
If you're looking for just a PA for vocals all you need is a decent power amp, 2 decent speakers (Id say Around the 14-16" area) and a small desk.

If you're looking to put everyhting through it, good luck pal.
Peavey do an all in one known as the "Messenger", or a smaller one called the "Escort".

They're cheap and effective, but what you save in cash you lose in quality.

PS. Mic's are the real killer. A good mic will cost in the regions of £70 (say, $150) if you're considering decent tone, construction, and type.
trawl ebay and used gear sites (craigslist), you won't find much for $700. let alone much with enough power. you want at least double what th bassist is using. as a guide. i'm using a 600w peavey to nice speakers and get a good sound for gigs and band practice, but i got an awesome deal (around $500 for the whole lot). i'd be looking around 500w at least for a band. the problem for you lies in that most 'package deals' for one, are not great at all, but 2, usually stop around the 250w mark, good for practice, but not much else.

you may be able to find some powered speakers and a small mixer which will do the same job though. but don't forget you'll need cables and mics. if he could get to $1000 it'd be a lot easier as that brings in a lot of great used stuff. but still at $700, theres not much about.
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