Hi I'm learning When I come around - Green Day

And i can't really get a grip of the muting and strumming down and up part. Thinks it's really hard and it dosen't sound good at all. Just get muted here and there. And yes i know how to palmmute, but it gets terrible when i do it down and up.
This is the lesson that I'm learning from anyway.... Thanks.
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The best advice I can give would be keep practicing it. You'll get it after a while.

For that song, I think finger muting (fret hand) would work as well. It'd be a work-around just so you could play the song, but you'll want to keep practicing the palm mute as well.
Ok But not trying to be an annyoing asshole but just wanna make clear that i strum right, so i can do it slow and then speed up. Can anyone help me out and write at every time he strum a Chord like D-P U-P D-P and so on.

The chords