I ordered a custom set of Nailbombs from Tim at Bareknuckle pickups today, and just want to say how awesome their customer service is. While I already have a set of Nailbombs, they were bought second-hand, so I didn't have any contact with Bareknuckle.
Today I spoke on the phone to Tim personally for 20mins while we discussed all the options and modifications available and exactly what each would do to the tone and appearance of the pickups. They may not be the cheapest pickups out there, but having talked through every detail about my set, I know that they are going to be exactly what I want. I can't remember the last time I was so impressed by customer service.
Hopefully this won't be classed as advertising or spam, I just want to share my good experience with you guys, and urge anyone thinking about buying a set of Bareknuckles to give them a call and see what they have to say.
I'm considering buying some of these myself. How exactly did you get to be on the phone with him? I thought all sales were done through the website?
i emailed them and got a reply within the hour, again about a Nailbomb set for my ESP viper. i listed my equipment and what i wanted to play, gave the link to my myspace page and was emailed back with a huge list of suggestions and idea for what i could do. all in all, great customer service, and when i get the money together for it i will be buying the Nailbomb set from BKP
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Post a review when you get em How are your first second-hand set going?
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Post a review when you get em How are your first second-hand set going?

They're incredible, really articulate, with a really nice organic midrange and the top-end bite you get from alnico V magnets.
The set I just ordered aren't stock however, and the bridge unit will have a ceramic magnet, so should be a tad darker but tighter. I'm really intrigued to hear what they sound like, should be awesome for metal!

There customer service is second to none. Tim took the time to help me decided on what pickups would best suit my guitar and playing style with incredible detail. I would buy from them again if I wasnt a poor ass student. They have one, minor flaw. That is the lack of colour options. Black and cream are cool, but you need to get other colour choices as well

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^They can do custom colours if you ask them to..

I asked for yellow or bright green and the computer said no So what I might do is get Dimarzio pickups when im on holiday in America. If i dont like them I'll send them to BKP's and get them re-wound to whatever spec of pickup if you know what I mean.

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