Hello once again folks. Im looking for a guitar in the $600-700 price range American dollars. I like to play metal. I already have a Epi Les Paul Standard, Washburn Dime V, and a peavey predator (yuck). Setup is simple i run a guitar thru a plain ole' crybaby to my B-52 At-100 halfstack. I plan to make this guitar my current gigger untill next year.

Now for the specs i like. I would want something bright sounding, Alder wood? Humbuckers of course, a floyd rose is not a must have but i like them. Set neck or neck thru NOT BOLT ON!! A nice perk would be an ebony fret board although i will settle for rosewood. Also binding on the fretboard is nice. The body shape doesnt matter alot but i like flying v's especially the randy rhodes style. I'm in love with alexi laihos sig but i would want at least the ltd 600 but its outta my price. Thanks.
jackson rx10d i have one there nice
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You may not be able to get a decent guitar with an Original Floyd Rose and bound ebony fingerboard within your budget. I did see a Jackson V-shaped with an OFR and rosewood (I think unbound) on Musician's Friend (don't remember the model.) My faulty memory says it may be close but a little more expensive. I remember I thought it was a decent guitar for the money. Maybe someone else will recall the model.
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a marshall wolud be nice

I hate to burst your little bubble....but thats an amp
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I like these and its great cause it would leave me a bit left over for new pickups. What do you guys think?



Any other suggestions?

Can't go wrong with a Jackson. Especially a Rhodes. I would personally get the one with the Floyd, although I like the pinstripe of the other one. It's up to you. If you think you could really use a Floyd, then go for that one. Otherwise, just go with whichever one suits you best. Either would be an excellent choice. Jackson is by far my favorite guitar company.
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