I toyed with photoshop and this is the result

It's basically a tele, but with modified body shape and controls + pickups.
- In the bridge it has a tele bridge pup, in the middle position a strat pup and on the neck position a P-90 style pup.
- The 3-way selector works as they traditionally do in telecasters and the added 2-way switch (on the plate) controls the strat pickup on/off
- The Jaguar style selector-plate thing controls in phase/out of phase for every pickup seperately
- The jack is located on the tele control plate (I don't know if this would be possible in real life due to lack of space.)
- The "left half of the body" (see the pic) is taken from a jaguar/jazzmaster type guitar while the "upper horn" (see pic again) is modified towards the shape of musicman axis's horn
- The "upper part of the pickguard" is extented to be a bit "mustang-like".

So what do you people think? Would this guitar be worth crafting? I'm bone broke atm but I'm asking anyways.
i think it might look better with a strat style input but other than that pretty cool
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Looks better dan a Jagstang in my opinion. At the moment I'm very tempted to buy a Dano Pro. Very strange actually if you know I mainly play metal and hardcore. But I love some 50's twang every now and then.

I really like jaguars and tele's. It looks very versatile and very usable for your taste. If you build it with good components, it will make an awesome guitar.
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I like the look man, its somethina little different, which is cool.

I personally would've gone with a bigger headstock, more of a strat shape, but thats just personal taste, Looks good, I'd like to see ya build it.

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I'd have a headstock a bit like a J5 tele, but possibly with more of a cutway.

Otherwise, that looks damned beautiful and I hope you get some money soon so you can make it for me to stare at!
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Tele headstock > Strat headstock IMO.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)