I've just been looking on Thomann and I've found this Schecter. Apparently its a UK exclusive model. Unfortunately this also means I'm having trouble finding reviews and opinions on it.
So does anybody own one? Is it worth getting? (BTW yes im looking for a guitar around this price range for metalcore and similar genres (just come into about £300))
Thanks in advance.
great guitar, although they have passive emgs. might wana change the pups to duncans or active emgs (w.e suit your taste) and i have seen them in the US also...so their not UK exclusive...really anything schecter is great IMO but in that range also look at omens and gryphons (both schecter) and mabye a c1-fr also. ( i dont know how much those cost where you live tho)
Well im in the UK. I can't find the gryphon or c1 anywhere (help?) but how would the omen compare to the demon?

EDIT: wouldn't the demon be better for metal seeing as it's made of mahogany rather than basswood? And also according to the Schecter site they're active EMGs
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It looks like a good guitar to me, looking at Shcecter's site. It uses Duncan active HB's. I've played C1's with those and they play pretty nicely. Personally, I have no real preference over basswood or mahogany bodies. I can tell a diference but I will happily play on either one. They both sound nice if used on a nice guitar.

I'd say go for it.
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