I bought a Fender Princeton 65 a while back on impulse, IT was a mistake, Im not in a band and all I do is practice and jam at home, so the 65 is too loud, I have it only on one and my parents get mad.

so Im going to trade it in to guitar center or a pawn shop soon to get a new amp, and I was looking at small tube amps.

What would be the best out of these: Crate Palomino V8, Epiphone Valve Jr. Combo, Fender Champ 600?

I have a Boss DS-1 and a GE-7 EQ, so I want one good with pedals, I play mostly early Cream and Clapton stuff, this is palyed with my strat and LP
I like the Palomino first with the Epi a close second. Only problem I have with the Champ is the speaker size, but tonally it will easily do Cream.
laney VC sounds ideal, very similar sounding to the vox series. British voiced, but if u want any type of metal distortion forget it, cleans it owns, and light to medium overdrivey disortion is good.

VC sounds good for you
what about some form of mixer to take the guts out of the volume.

or an OD to everdrive it at lower volumes?
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Haha I feel you TS, I did the same "mistake", although I don't regret for one second I bought the Buesbreaker. I have to play at like 0,4 - 0,5 or something, when I go up to 1 it's almost too loud for myself, if I play at 1,5 - 2 my ears are ringing for the rest of the day. So don't buy that amp, even though it's only 30W.

What about the Orange Tiny Terror? Isn't there an 7W/15W option on that one too?
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I cant get the Laneys very cheap in the US, I forgot my price range is $200 or under, and Ill look into the orange, but im pretty sure they are expensive.

and a main reason I regret my purchase is it is also SS, so the clean tone is alright, but other than that....
Fender Champion 600. That little retro looking amp rules. It's got really nice tone, and gets louder than I expected it too. I keep mine in my living room. You can play it at a comfortable volume.

I also have a small pignose amp. It's old, so I use the Champion more, but both are pretty nice.
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I like the Palomino first with the Epi a close second. Only problem I have with the Champ is the speaker size, but tonally it will easily do Cream.

Gotta agree. IMO, cranked the Fender sounds the best of the three and the Peaveys, but the little speaker makes it all boxy sounding. Ruined it for me unfortunately, however it is quieter.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Well, the amps are different, so i guess it depends on what style you're playing.
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FYI: A 5W tube amp will be loud enough to bug your parents, but not loud enough to jam with a band. Maybe it's not the ideal size for you. If you definitely want jamming power, I'd suggest a step up to a 15W amp. If you don't want to upset your parents, maybe you should look into a Valvetronix or something.
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I thought they might be too loud, but Ill just use my distortion at lower volumes.

I decided Im going to keep my princeton for jamming and if I was to be in a band.

My local GC has all of the amps so ill test them to see what I want, I may just wait until I can afford something different or find something I really want.

Thanks for all your guys' help