How long does it take for a band to normally get a set nailed and perfercted for an opening set at a gig?
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like a sound check? or how long of them being a band?
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every band is different and depends how experienced everyone is and well everyone plays with each other.
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it varies with the level of the players
theres no doubt that the more you practice the better you'll sound
but some bands can become tight quite quickly
its just a case of practicing to the point it sounds good to you and the rest of your band
then going out gigging, or even just asking your friends to come to a practice, then asking people about any way you can improve
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my old band had 2 hours of practice before our first gig

....wouldn't recommend it
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I find it depends.

Alot of bands start out by creating songs together, that in my opinion takes awhile.

Before i started my band, i'd already recorded 3 demo's and had about 6 songs, the guy i brought into the band had a good handful of songs that fitted aswell. Stuff like that makes a difference in terms of getting things tight.

It generally goes on how much you do your homework, how you click with the other members and how you do things.
Well with my current band, it took us about three and a half weeks. But that was only because the band I was with at the time was booked to do a show and all of a sudden the other two guys said they couldn't do it so I had to find a whole new band. :P It really just depends on how much you practice, and how well you click musically with the other guys.