Wondered if you guys could check out my band, Fight The Following, as we've just uploaded our EP onto myspace.
We're basically a modern punk band with eclectic influences. The song 'Stand Tall' is our most popular, although we've had a lot of good feedback and usually a lot of people at our gigs who go crazy and sing along.

Any (constructive) criticism or compliments are welcome. And will happily crit for crit
fight for tonight reminds me of caught in a mosh by anthrax (but ill pobably get criticized for saying that)

might wanna improve the vocals a bit

Jack my swag
Cheers for listening
What is it about the vocals you think needs improving?
We all personally think they sound alright and suit our style/influences, but always good to hear peoples opinons.

Anyone else out there whos listened and maybe liked the songs, or has some criticism?
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good music, I really like it, reminds me of the gallows especially the vocals and the simple yet powerchord punkish guitars. My fav song from the lot is probably stand tall. I bet your gigs are mental.

Please check out my bands thread streamline soldiers and add us if you like it.
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