I was thinking of getting an akai headrush or a line 6 dl4 i think it was?

Anyway i was wondering what the best way to set this pedal up would be?

Like should i have it going guitar to looper to amp, or should i put the looper in the effects pedal? or are there any other options?

the looper on the headrush is a bit better than the line 6. though the line 6 looper is very decent for a multi-pedal. i thought the headrush's delay sucked though.
Mmmm yeahhh. sadly the line 6 is about double the price. I think id prefer a seperate delay pedal anyway though.. just being pickey :P

But anyideas about the most effective place to put the pedal for its looping functions?
for looping, I would run it in front, so you still get your preamp shaping.
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I put my looper last in the chain, right before the power amp (in the fx loop). That way, the phrase being looped can hardly change in tone, whatever I do. Like when looping something clean and then switching to the OD channel on my amp.
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